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UCSF Health has developed the Caring for the Caregiver program to ensure that providers and staff are emotionally supported through the experience of patient care. Approximately 50% of clinicians are involved in an adverse event each year, which leads to decreased morale and lack of productivity—the “second victim” phenomenon. Through the Caring for the Caregiver program, UCSF Health hopes to better coordinate support for providers and staff when they are involved in stressful patient care experiences. In addition to already existing resources such as FSAP and Spiritual Care Services, Caring for the Caregiver has established a peer support team to provide one-on-one, emotional first aid for all care team members at UCSF Health. If you are experiencing a normal reaction to a stressful event or outcome (also called “second victim”), we can help.

Our goal is to help care team members understand what normal reactions to stressful events look and feel like, and the resources available to them. The program is available to all health care team members at UCSF Health hospitals and clinic sites.

Who is a second victim?

A second victim is a care team member who is traumatized by involvement in an adverse or unexpected patient event, a medical error, or stressful patient care experience. Second victims often:

  • Feel personally responsible for the patient outcome
  • Feel as though they have failed the patient
  • Second-guess their clinical skills and knowledge base

Scope of the Program

The Caring for the Caregiver program seeks to coordinate exisiting care team member support resources, as well as develop new resources such as the Peer Support Program. Please view the additional tabs at the top of this page to learn more about Schwartz Rounds, additional resources and contact information, as well as opportunities to participate in events and trainings.